The Media Campaign

Because we believe in the great concern of water security in Jordan and based on our (SHARE) campaign targeting a number of Provinces in the Kingdom, we have visited Irbid Province and replaced parts in a number of locations with water-saving parts and technologies provided by Al-Aman Comprehensive Company exclusively for you!! Be part of this initiative today!!

Try the water-saving parts from Al-Aman Comprehensive Company and you will feel the difference!!

As a continuation of our series of visits within the awareness campaign (SHAREK) to rationalize water consumption, we have visited Ajloun Province and replaced old technologies with new ones that help save more than 40% of the water flow during use. Let’s be part of the campaign today and help spread awareness in order to avoid water crises and help reduce water bills, which will affect the economic situation of Jordanian families.

Mafraq Province was is one of the regions that we have targeted within (SHAREK) campaign to rationalize water consumption and preserve the water wealth in our beloved Kingdom where water-saving technologies have been installed which will be a tool to achieve one of the campaign’s goals: seek to save 144624.45 cubic meters of water per year.

We are all partners in preserving this precious wealth!! Be part of this Campaign now!!